Your best chance to volunteer as an individual is to join our “SNL,” the Short Notice List. When we need help, we call people on the SNL until we get enough. All you need to do is say yes or no.

Most of our days at the Soup Kitchen are staffed by volunteers from organizations (churches, businesses or charitable groups) who volunteer on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. Many of these groups have been coming for years. They provide the food, cook and help clean up the kitchen. (This is why food is not a great need for us.) Not all groups provide all the food; that varies from group to group.

We do have a few days without a scheduled group. Please call to inquire about current openings.

Please NOTE: Volunteers must be at least 12 years old, and volunteers ages 12-17 must have a singed liability release form before they begin work. Volunteers under the age of 18 are not allowed to operate equipment such as the slicers, knives, etc. No exceptions–this is a state law.

Community Service Volunteers

You must speak with the Executive Director to arrange for Community Service. We do not take offenders with theft or violence issues. If you are under 21 and have been sentenced to do Community Service, do not have your parent contact us–do it personally.

The Soup Kitchen, Inc.
Mission Statement

The mission of the Soup Kitchen is to provide a nutritious daily meal to the hungry of the area.  The Soup Kitchen also provides a safe and sheltered place for social gathering during the hours of its service.  Secondary to these two primary goals, the Soup Kitchen staff may help clients meet other needs by coordinating with other social agencies, as time and resources are available.

Our Wish List

  • In general, it is better that you not buy food for us. We can buy food cheaper than you can and donated food must be sorted, organized, and tracked.
  • Instead, please click on the orange donate button above.
  • If you have items on hand and wish to donate them, these are things we need for every lunch sack:
    • piece of fruit
    • small bags of chips or pretzels
    • small bags or packages of cookies
    • 8# paper lunch bags
  • We DO NOT need bottles of water – we are receiving free bottled water from the city.

233 Michigan Street

Benton Harbor, MI 49022 (We are at the back (east end) of the Salvation Army building.)

Mail: PO Box 8210 Benton Harbor, MI 49023